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Hello and welcome!

These are our adorable and beloved QT-TVs. Some may way they look the TVs of old but all we know is that they came from another world... TO BE YOUR FRIEND!!!

There are 7 of each of them. please scroll through the pictures to see which color you like and pick your favorites.

What are defects? Defects are the lil guys that didn't out all that well out of the oven but we painted them in some secret and unique ways we think you're gonna love!

Please note-----------------

This is our very first toy. While they do have some small imperfections we're confident you'll fall in love with these cuties! On top of that, If we sell all of them, we will make a version 2 of them!

Defects are toys that did not pass our quality standards either because the cast didn't come out right or for other reasons. But we felt like it might be a waste to just toss them so we painted them with some unique paints that we are impressed with.

All this being said, if for whatever reason you feel that your toy is not to your liking when you receive it please let us know and we will figure something out.

Lastly, you will be charged $2 for shipping. If you live in Portland Oregon please use the discount code PDXpickup. If you do not live in Portland, Oregon and you use this code, your order will be refunded.

Thank you for being patient and supporting us as we get started with our new adventure into toy making.

This product is not currently for sale.

1 cute lil TV toy of your choosing.

3in x 2in x 2in
7 different colors
Defect Variants
3 secret variants (not pictured)


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